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The language starter kit was designed by 10-year-old CEO, Kemery, as an educational supplement to her online Japanese course, Japanese Lunchbox.

Included in the kit are the following:

– Chopstick Challenge Kit
The chopsticks are available in 3 colors. The teddy bear chopsticks can be adjusted to meet the skill level of the user. They can also be adjusted for right or left-handed use.

– Flashcards
2 sets of flashcards – One set of flashcards (43 cards) contains vocabulary words learned in the online Japanese course. The other set of flashcards contains the 46 characters of Hiragana, which is one of three writing systems in Japan.

*We have upgraded from the purple cup show in the profile picture. We are now using the green cup shown in the gallery picture. The green cup is collapsible and is made of more durable material.

– Origami Paper

**Younger children should be monitored at all times. The kit contains items that are sharp and contain small pieces that could cause a choking hazard.

Chopstick Colors

Purple Teddy Bear, Green Teddy Bear, Rainbow

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